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We are excited to present a new product line that is perfect for the gardener, journal keeper, and flower-printer from June & December, a nature-inspired design studio based in Michigan. We know we have a lot of gardeners, bundle dyers and eco-printers in our community, so we wanted to equip you with beautiful and useful tools you need for this gardening season. 

Inspired by Italian botanical garden herbariums (a collection of dried plant specimens preserved to observe, understand and study), June & December designed their linen-covered Herbarium Botanical Specimen Collecting Journal to hold personal collections of pressed specimens as a memory keepsake. Each Herbarium is made with 100% post-consumer waste, recycled, acid-free card stock. These forest green journals have a fern foil stamped cover with patterned inside cover details and printed pages to label, journal, or sketch.

The instant I saw the Herbarium Botanical Specimen Collecting Journal, I was beyond excited. For years I’ve struggled to collect and preserve the interesting sprigs and blooms I find in my travels. They usually end up in a pocket and are reduced to crumbs by the time I’m able to do something with them. Paired with the very portable Pocket Press, the Herbarium is a delightful notebook to preserve your exploring, gardening and foraging journey.

Product Details for the Fern Herbarium

– 6.5” x 8.5” / 60 sheets / 120 pages
– linen front + back cover with gold foil details
– 100% PCW-recycled, acid-free cardstock pages
– pages are printed with collecting information to label mounted specimens
– matching elastic band closure to keep specimens safe
– Designed by June & December

Sustainability and Collecting

– Made with 100% PCW-Recycled Acid-Free Paper
– Designed to be a botanical keepsake for generations
– Repurpose before recycling: journal, artist sketchbook, field guide

  • Collect responsibly, harvest humbly and with gratitude.
  • Never harvest threatened or endangered species,
  • Know the plant you are collecting and pick sparingly
  • Ask and receive permission if collecting on other’s land
  • Follow Federal, State or local rules



Additional information

Weight 630 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.5 × 1 in


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