Video From FEEDBACK FRIDAY With Rosalind Wyatt & Christi Johnson

This week’s FEEDBACK FRIDAY was with alumnae Rosalind Wyatt & Christi Johnson. The two discussed the importance of getting centered with hand stitching, the power of embellishment and why we stitch and dye. Though a different format for a typical FEEDBACK FRIDAY, this conversation between the two artists was inspiring.

If you saw Rosalind Wyatt and Christi Johnson on their individual FEEDBACK FRIDAYS, you know this was a great match up!

Watch the video recording below.

About Rosalind Wyatt:

UK-based Rosalind Wyatt is a collage and calligraphy artist. Rosalind explores history and tells stories through natural dyes, needle, thread and fabric through her creative textile art.

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About Christi Johnson:

Christi’s textile studio is based in the foothills of the Catskills in New York. The studio provides functional pieces that are thoughtfully made, as well as serves as a platform to teach skills in sewing, embroidery, and natural dyeing so that others may do so themselves. Her book, Mystical Stitches explores embroidery as a tool for personal empowerment and magical embellishment. Her online workshops explore stitching, clothing, and fibers as an opportunity for creative expansion and expression.

Check out the Mixed Color website here.

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If you are not familiar with FEEDBACK FRIDAY, every other week, we speak with dyers, artists, scientists and scholars about our favorite topic, natural dyeing and color. Curated by Amy DuFault, Botanical Colors’ Sustainability Director and presented by Botanical Colors’ Founder Kathy Hattori.