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Confused About Cochineal? Ask Kathy!

We get so many questions about natural dyes, from techniques to color fastness to “what does it smell like?” The questions are frequent so we’re hoping many of you will send them in so Kathy can properly answer and give you some help! Today’s question came in from one of our favorite textile artists, Abigail […]


Dyeing For Dummies: The Wonders of Cochineal

Like I’ve said before, working for a natural dye guru like Kathy Hattori can give one an inferiority complex. I hate inferiority complexes for me or anyone else, so when feeling less than, I say take on the thing that most scares you (unless it’s skiing). In this particular case, I accepted the challenge of […]


Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm Host a Natural Dye Weekend

We had so much fun this past weekend in Madison, Connecticut at Madison Wool and Wildwood Farm’s natural dye weekend! Participants had their own personal natural dye journeys using both the classical, historical dyes and some surprising new ones (think walnut sludge and pokeberries). ¬†We also worked with some of Botanical¬† Colors’ ancient raw dyestuffs […]

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